Earlchaos "Retro" Blog

A new start

I started blogging a long time ago but then stopped at some point. Too much other projects and of course work and friends needed a big share of my time. And of course, still, gaming. So i stopped blogging after some time. And after WP installation got hacked i uninstalled everything and threw it away.

Now i think it's time to continue. There's so much to blog/talk about. Politics in general of course (Another Groko in Germany, omg). The poverty everywhere. Of course some "celebs" like Elle Darby. The White Moose Cafe often saves the day. And so much more. But i'm sick of heavy installations like Wordpress or other CMS so i went "retro". Simple 1-file blogging, uploading content simply via SFTP. So i don't need to worry about script kiddies hacking around. And i can focus on producing content. Let's see, how that works. :)

Still playing Skat at Kelkheimer Trümpfe and maintaining Website etc. as good as possible

Reading news takes a good share of my time every day. Like Fefe, Nachdenkenseiten and many others. My interests are widely spread. IT, politics, interesting people like Burks, Dame von Welt and countless others.

Current games:

That should be enough for today. I try to post once a week. We'll see, how it goes.

Cheers, Frank